Day 3 Session: The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading - Shared screen with speaker view
Jill Fioravanti, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
Jill Fioravanti, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
Please introduce yourselves with your name organization. Welcome!
Jill Fioravanti, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
name & organization
Jill Fioravanti, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
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Steven Molinari, NAHRO
Hi everyone, should be fixed! feel free to type in chat!
Rebecca Trout, National Civic League
Welcome everyone! Rebecca here from the National Civic League.
Steven Molinari, NAHRO
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Phillip Bevans, Ph.D.
Greetings from Toronto, Canada.PhillipPhillip G. Bevans, Ph.D.Chairman, Ennui Creative Inc.,Toronto, CanadaEmail: phillip.g.bevans@gmail.com l phillip@ennuicreative.com
Shannon Haynes
Shannon Haynes from Poinsett County Housing Authority, Marked Tree, AR
Patricia Lara
Hi everyone! Patricia Lara from Los Angeles County Development Authority
Emily Kavanagh
Emily Kavanagh, MS SPED Social Studies Teacher, Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Annapolis, Maryland
Aisha Holton
Aisha Barrow Holton (HR Mgr) - Housing Authority of the City of Greenville (NC)
Jenny Xu
Hi! Jenny from Santa Clara County Housing Authority, CA
Ginny Hensley
Hello from Tulsa OK! Ginny Hensley with Tulsa Housing Authority.
Elizabeth Pacunas
Elizabeth Pacunas. St. Paul Public Housing, St. Paul MN
Aisha Holton
Good Afternoon! Aisha Barrow Holton (HR Mgr)- Housing Authority of the City of Greenville (NC)
Jill Fioravanti, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
Thank you for introducing yourselves - if you haven't yet, please do so, with your name and organization/agency. Thank you!
Steven Benham
Steven A. Benham, Sr.
Charlie Shih
Hello! Charlie Shih from King County Housing Authority, WA
William Russell
William Russell, Sarasota Housing Authority
Stephanie Summers Rockford IL Housing Authority, Section 3 Compliance Manager.
Algie Mosley
Good Afternoon! Algie Mosley with Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency - Sacramento Promise Zone Coordinator
Russell Nast
Russell Nast, Tallapoosa, GA
Tiara Whitlock
Tiara Whitlock, Chicago Housing Authority
Steven Benham
Steven A. Benham, Sr., CEO, Hopewell Redevelopment and Housing Authority, Hopewell, VA
Hanh Le
Hello! Hanh Le from Santa Clara Housing Authority
Jill Fioravanti, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
Here’s more about the All-America City Award: https://www.nationalcivicleague.org/america-city-award/
Cele Quesada
Samantha Briscoe Jordan I'm with the Port Arthur Housing Authority currently I am a Housing Counselor II I have been with the Housing Authority for fourteen years. I am happy to be here.
Michelle Stears
Michelle Stears, Sarasota Housing Authority
Jill Fioravanti, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
Here are the 2022 winners and finalists: https://www.nationalcivicleague.org/2022-finalists/
Ralph Smith, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
Dr. Bevans. Thanks so much for your consistent presence, support and shared insights during our LEO webinars. If your schedule allows, I would be quite interested in a conversation about what and how we are thinking about next couple years.
Jill Fioravanti, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
For more on Louisville's AAC work, please review: https://www.nationalcivicleague.org/2022-all-america-city-finalist-louisville-ky/
Jill Fioravanti, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
Please post questions in the Q&A for us to lift up in the final segment of our hour. Thanks!
Jill Fioravanti, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
Don't be shy - please pose any questions coming as you hear Louisville and Sacramento's work. They would love to hear from you. Thank you!
Steven Molinari, NAHRO
Suggestions and thoughts are also welcome!
Phillip Bevans, Ph.D.
Ralph, I would be delighted to engage with you soon. The webinars have certainly helped me find my way in areas of research and operations that were new to me.
Algie Mosley
How did you utilize social media in this process?
Phillip Bevans, Ph.D.
The work you are doing has been, is, and promises to be, transformative, in areas of tremendous need and importance. Congratulations on what you and your organization have accomplished. Phillip
Jill Fioravanti, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
For more on Book Rich Environments: https://www.nationalbook.org/programs/book-rich-environments/
Jill Fioravanti, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
For more on Urban Strategies: https://urbanstrategiesinc.org
Jill Fioravanti, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
Learn about Sacramento's 2022 AAC Winning work: https://www.nationalcivicleague.org/2022-all-america-city-finalist-sacramento-ca/
Jill Fioravanti, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
Here is more about the Promise Zone initiative: https://www.hud.gov/program_offices/field_policy_mgt/fieldpolicymgtpz
Phillip Bevans, Ph.D.
Ta’Londa and Don, as you know, food insecurity can have effects on child brain development even in the first year of life. Other traumas, such as homelessness and housing insecurity can also adversely affect brain development. Neuroscience and learning research show that these brain conditions can normally be reversed with appropriate and timely treatment. These brilliant collaborations may eliminate such adverse events. Great work!
Jill Fioravanti, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
Here is more about the Choice Neighborhoods initiative that Louisville referred to: https://www.hud.gov/cn
Phillip Bevans, Ph.D.
Increasing family security and stability, by reducing stressors and improving relationships within the family and with the community is a laudable goal benefiting children of all ages. Devoting community resources to such a goal is a highly worthwhile investment – and those resources can include time spent by individuals in mentoring families and children. Research shows that students who have properly founded relationships with caring, consistent adult mentors are more committed to school attendance and success, achieve higher levels of academic, interpersonal and emotional skills, including executive functions such as self-awareness and problem-solving. Not only are they more likely to complete high school and college, but they are more satisfied with their lives. Engaging students with mentors from the community engages the whole community in support of these goals, which is an objective of our own initiative.
Jill Fioravanti, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
For more on the Sacramento Promise Zone: https://www.sacramentopromisezone.org
Ralph Smith, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
Thank you.
TaLonda Holland, Urban Strategies Inc.
Yes thanks for sharing. We have secured over 1.5 million leverage dollars to support housing stability and food insecurity. We definitely understand the housing stability is key, so that families can focus on education. We have several strategies that assist with food and complete rental assistance applications for all residents
Phillip Bevans, Ph.D.
Ralph, I would be glad to reach out to you if I had your contact details. Mine are in the chat line above.
Phillip Bevans, Ph.D.
Congratulations on your initiatives, Julius. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated to many the precarity of income and employment upon which depend security of food, clothing, shelter and other elements critical to well-being. Fortunately, some community organizations have responded to alleviate the additional pressures put on teachers and parents and other caregivers during the pandemic, thereby remediating learning and social-emotional development shortfalls. However, additional improvement efforts (beyond catch-up) are going to be necessary, especially in the case of undersupported or disadvantaged communities. Collaboration among governments, businesses, and community and other organizations will be essential to the well-being of families, the community, and society generally. The benefits of ongoing support of children and families through childhood, adulthood, parenthood, and livelihood are demonstrable. As you have shown, housing authorities can be a hub for such efforts.
Phillip Bevans, Ph.D.
Thank you all for a very stimulating program.
Emily Mancini-Fitch
Thank you!